Thursday, October 14, 2010

Internet Safety Month

The Shlenker School Declares
October Internet Safety Month!!

The Shlenker School wants our students to be safe and appropriate on-line. We encourage our students to be respectful and courteous while using the Internet at school or at home. We are pushing this issue to the forefront of our technology curriculum by declaring October Internet Safety Month for Shlenker students. Students will be engaging in classroom discussions, on-line activities, and given the opportunity to show their support by wearing our Internet Safety stickers for the last three weeks of October.

Students will watch some YouTube videos about Cyberbullying and Bullying. After each video we will discuss the meanings of the videos. The videos are meant to spark questions, share ideas, and encourage students to take a stand aganist bullying. Students will watch three videos. We encourage parents to read the artcle below and view the last video before viewing with students.

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